Proteomics technology development and application in the Nielsen Group

The main focus of the Nielsen Group is to establish novel proteomics methods for large-scale characterization of obscure post-translational modifications (PTMs). The work paves the way for a better understanding of the complex nature of mammalian signaling events.

The aim of the Nielsen group is to focus on utilizing and developing new methodologies enabling proteome-wide characterizing of obscure post-translational modifications, to uncover aspects which have so far been unknown.

























Group Leader

Michael Lund Nielsen

Michael Lund Nielsen

Staff list

Name Title Phone E-mail
Alexandra Katrine L F S Rebak PhD Fellow +4535337816 E-mail
Camilla S Colding-Christensen Assistant Professor +4535330205 E-mail
Holda Awah Anagho PhD Fellow +4535333168 E-mail
Ivo Alexander Hendriks Associate Professor   E-mail
Jonas Damgaard Elsborg PhD Fellow +4535325362 E-mail
Meeli Mullari Postdoc +4535337822 E-mail
Michael Lund Nielsen Professor, Group Leader +4535325019 E-mail
Molly Pleasants Lowndes External Postdoc   E-mail
Nicolas Julien Fossat Associate Professor +4535332338 E-mail
Sara Charlotte Buch-Larsen Postdoc +4535330685 E-mail