Mass spectrometry for quantitative proteomics in the Olsen Group

The Olsen Group address unsolved questions in cell signalling. The group aims to characterize how signalling networks regulate cellular responses differentially when mediated by phosphorylation and other modifications.

The major scientific focus area for the Olsen Group is quantitative, high-resolution mass spectrometry-based proteomics with specific emphasis on mass spectrometric technology developments and biological applications.

























Group Leader

Jesper V. Olsen
Deputy Center Director, Professor

Jesper V. Olsen

Staff list

Name Title Phone E-mail
Agnete Witness Præst Jensen PhD Fellow   E-mail
Akihiro Eguchi Postdoc +4591756080 E-mail
Ana Martinez Del Val Postdoc +4535326344 E-mail
Anders Handrup Kverneland Postdoc   E-mail
Anna-Kathrine Pedersen Postdoc +4535326238 E-mail
Christian Mirian Larsen External   E-mail
Claire Koenig PhD Fellow +4535335034 E-mail
Cristina Hernandez Rollan Postdoc +4535337630 E-mail
Florian Simon Harking PhD Fellow   E-mail
Foteini Aktypi Research Assistant +4535328862 E-mail
Giulia Franciosa Assistant Professor +4535336075 E-mail
Ilaria Piga Postdoc   E-mail
Jesper Velgaard Olsen Professor, Deputy Head of Centre +4535325022 E-mail
Kristina Bennet Emdal Assistant Professor +4535336420 E-mail
Leander Roeland van der Hoeven Research Assistant   E-mail
Ole Østergaard Researcher +4535326090 E-mail
Patricia Bortel Visiting Student   E-mail
Pierre Sabatier Guest Researcher   E-mail
Tanveer Singh Batth Researcher +4535330688 E-mail
Teeradon Phlairaharn External   E-mail
Ulises Hernández Guzmán Postdoc +4535337222 E-mail
Zilu Ye Postdoc +4535335908 E-mail