Mitotic mechanisms and regulation in the Nilsson Group

The Nilsson lab focuses on understanding short linear motifs as specificity determinants for PTM modifying enzymes. The focus is on discovery and characterization through integration of biophysics and biochemistry and extending these discoveries to cellular pathways with a focus on cell cycle and cell division.

We are focusing on serine/threonine phosphoprotein phosphatases that are essential enzymes controlling a vast number of signaling processes in the cell. We hope that our discoveries can lead to the development of specific inhibitors targeting these enzymes to expand future therapeutic options for human diseases.

















Group Leader

Jakob Nilsson
+45 35 32 50 53

Jakob Nilsson

Staff list

Name Title Phone E-mail
Conchita Fraguas Bringas PhD Fellow +4535321343 E-mail
Dimitriya Hristoforova Garvanska PhD Student   E-mail
Gianmatteo Vit Postdoc +4535323367 E-mail
Jakob Nilsson Professor, Group Leader +4535325053 E-mail
Jamin Benjamin Hein Postdoc +4535328236 E-mail
Joana Maria Duro PhD Fellow +4535328936 E-mail
Mads Harder Møller Laboratory Assistant +4535335179 E-mail
Sara Marie Ambjørn Postdoc +4535335534 E-mail
Thomas Kruse Associate Professor +4535336095 E-mail
Yumi Ueki Postdoc +4535326980 E-mail