Ubiquitin signaling in the Mailand group

Research in the Mailand group seeks to understand how signaling processes driven by ubiquitin, SUMO and other post-translational protein modifications (PTMs) orchestrate and regulate cellular stress responses.

The group combines cutting-edge system-wide proteomics- and CRISPR-based screening approaches with targeted methods within mammalian cell biology, biochemistry and advanced imaging analysis as a powerful platform for discovery and functional exploration of cellular signaling responses that safeguard the integrity and organization of the genome to prevent disease onset.

























Group Leader

Niels Mailand
Research Director, Professor

Niels Mailand

Staff list

Name Title Phone E-mail
Andreas Ingham External   E-mail
Ann Schirin Mirsanaye Research Assistant +4535323472 E-mail
Claire Aline Guerillon Special Consultant +4535331271 E-mail
Emil Peter Thrane Hertz Assistant Professor +4535330661 E-mail
Ignacio Alonso de Vega Postdoc +4535332762 E-mail
Javier Arroyo Gomez PhD Fellow   E-mail
Juliette Ferrand Postdoc +4535328963 E-mail
Julio Liu Research Assistant +4535334721 E-mail
Katrine Lütken H Weischenfeldt Laboratory Coordinator +4535335193 E-mail
Katrine Mitrofanov Laboratory Assistant +4535333742 E-mail
Leena Ackermann Assistant Professor +4535337950 E-mail
Matthew James Murray Postdoc +4535329260 E-mail
Niels Mailand Professor, Head of Research +4535325023 E-mail
Robert Francis Shearer Researcher +4535337279 E-mail
Saskia Hoffmann Associate Professor +4535330632 E-mail
Zita Gál Postdoc   E-mail