Chromosome stability and dynamics in the Lukas Group

The Lukas group explores how proteins that guard the integrity of the human genome assemble into functional pathways, how they organize themselves in the 3D nuclear space, and how they communicate with cellular metabolism and external environment to shield DNA against disease-predisposing mutations.

The group aims at obtaining a holistic picture of genome maintenance by asking not only ‘how DNA repair works’ but also ‘what prevents DNA damage to happen in the first place’ and ‘what are the physiological limits of the mechanism required for propagating intact genomes across cell generations’.

























Jiri Lukas

Group Leader

Jiri Lukas
Professor, Excecutive Director

Staff list

Name Title Phone E-mail
Claudia Lukas Professor +4535325052 E-mail
Jiri Lukas Executive Director +4535325004 E-mail
Maj-Britt Druedahl Rask Laboratory Coordinator +4535330614 E-mail
Natalia Olivia Frese Laboratory Assistant   E-mail
Susi Bantele Researcher +4535331115 E-mail