Mechanisms of DNA repair and DNA replication in the Duxin Group

The primary goal of the Duxin Group is to describe fundamental processes of genome maintenance, essential for life and healthy development.

The Duxin group, established in August of 2016,  studies the essential processes of genome duplication and genome maintenance. The group is particularly interested in understanding how cytotoxic DNA lesions known as DNA-protein crosslinks (DPCs) are cleared from the genome.
We are always looking for highly motivated postdoc, master or PhD students. If interested in joining our lab, please email Julien directly.

























Group Leader

Julien Duxin
Associate Professor

Julien Duxin

Staff list

Name Title Phone E-mail
Alejandro García López Laboratory Assistant   E-mail
Bente Benedict Postdoc   E-mail
Ellen Sofia Kakulidis Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Julien Duxin Associate Professor, Group Leader +4535320731 E-mail
Sampath Amitash Gadi Postdoc +4535336126 E-mail
Selene Sellés Baiget PhD Fellow +4535335127 E-mail
Ulrike Kühbacher Postdoc +4535330837 E-mail
Xueyuan Leng Postdoc +4535333605 E-mail
Zita Fábián PhD Fellow +4535321609 E-mail