Meet the Duxin group

Our philosophy is to have fun while doing thorough science!

Duxin group
Duxin Group 2018

First Western Blot in the lab (Irene; September 2016) and first preparation of frog egg extracts in the lab (Lisa; 2017)
At the Opera House (in the presence of Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark!)
Wakeboarding in central Copenhagen

Our first DHL run as “The Running Frogs”...

Ulrike drinking mate

...and our second DHL run. Still working on our time!

Biking in Copenhagen

Frog ART #1 (by Ulrike), Frog art #2; SOP on how to inject frogs (by Julien), Frog art #3 (NPE #50)

Brainstorming session

On our way to our lab retreat in Sweden
Hiking in Sweden

Celebrating Irene’s manuscript

Social distancing at the park during COVID

Playing KUBB in the park  

Beating the Nilsson lab at KUBB!

Bente’s first NPE and Xueyuan exercising

Duxin group