Chromatin replication and epigenome maintenance in the Groth Group

The focus of the Groth group is to elucidate how chromatin organization and function is propagated during mitotic cell division to maintain genome and epigenome stability.

Groth group 2020

Our goal is to understand how mechanisms that underpin epigenetic cell memory impact on cell fate decision in development, cellular reprogramming and epigenetic changes that are prolific in cancer.

























Group Leader

Anja Groth
Research Director, Professor

Anja Groth

Staff list

Name Title Phone E-mail
Alice Wenger Postdoc +4535333978 E-mail
Alva Ada Biran Postdoc +4535334888 E-mail
Aniek Verstappen Master Student   E-mail
Anja Groth Head of Research +4535325538 E-mail
Colin Hammond Assistant Professor +4535335015 E-mail
Diego Iglesias Gato Special Consultant +4535330640 E-mail
Kathleen Stewart-Morgan Assistant Professor +4535334307 E-mail
Kathryn Jane Wattam Laboratory Technician +4535335022 E-mail
Leonie Kollenstart Postdoc +4535335612 E-mail
Massimo Carraro Research Assistant +4535334560 E-mail
Matthew Todd Assistant Professor +4535334407 E-mail
Nazaret Reverón-Gómez Academic Research Staff +4535335008 E-mail
Nicolas Alcaraz Research Consultant +4535330565 E-mail
Qian Du Postdoc   E-mail
Valentin Benno Flury Postdoc +4535326294 E-mail