Structural biology of molecular machines in the Taylor Group

The Taylor Group is interested in explaining the structure and function of the complex molecular machines involved in the transport of molecules across cell membranes. This is important to better understand their biological role, and ultimately, to undertake their adaptation for biomedical purposes.

The Taylor Group works to uncover the function of the systems that transport (macro)molecules across cell membranes. We are specifically interested in bacterial viruses, also known as bacteriophages, which inject DNA and protein into host cells, as well as bacteriophage-related systems which can inject toxins into eukaryotic cells.

























Group Leader

Nicholas Taylor
Assistant Professor

Nicholas Taylor

Staff list

Name Title Phone E-mail
Claudia Sybille Kielkopf Postdoc +4535330319 E-mail
Eva Maria Rebrova Postdoc +4535330969 E-mail
Haidai Hu Postdoc +4535321503 E-mail
Isha Raj Postdoc +4535334291 E-mail
Leyre Marin Arraiza Academic Research Staff +4535328138 E-mail
Magnus Borup Bloch PhD Fellow +4535322486 E-mail
Maria del Mar Pérez Ruiz Postdoc +4535334541 E-mail
Monica Santiveri Saez Research Assistant +4535334858 E-mail
Nicholas M I Taylor Associate Professor +4535335337 E-mail
Rooshanie Nadia Ejaz Research Assistant +4535331098 E-mail
Shweta Bhatt PhD Fellow +4535334239 E-mail