Structural molecular biology in the Montoya Group

The Montoya Group works in the interface between biology, physics and chemistry and uses molecular biology, X-ray crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy to dissect the working mechanisms of the macromolecules that constitute the cell’s machinery.

Our goal is to understand basic cellular mechanisms at the atomic level, with a focus on cell cycle progression, genome integrity and genome manipulation. We hope our discoveries will build the basis to understand diseases and the possible development of treatments and new molecular tools.

























Group Leader

Guillermo Montoya
Professor, Research Director

Guillermo Montoya

Staff list

Name Title Phone E-mail
Anders Fuglsang Research Assistant +4535332077 E-mail
Arturo Carabias del Rey Postdoc +4535337930 E-mail
Bijoya Paul PhD Fellow +4535332341 E-mail
Dea Nikoline Kjæmpe Nielsen Laboratory Assistant   E-mail
Elisabeth Bragado Nilsson Research Technician. +4535330659 E-mail
Ellen Kirstine Lyhne Laboratory Technician +4530449698 E-mail
Francisco Javier Tenjo Castano PhD Fellow +4535336501 E-mail
Guillermo Montoya Head of Research +4535330663 E-mail
Javier Marchena Hurtado Master Student   E-mail
Magdalena Karolina Masternak PhD Fellow +4535332143 E-mail
Marek Adamus Postdoc   E-mail
Melanie Bianca Weisser Postdoc +4535336504 E-mail
Mie Gunni Kolmos Pedersen Laboratory Assistant   E-mail
Nicholas Heelund Sofos Microscopy specialist +4535328272 E-mail
Piero Temperini PhD Student   E-mail
Rasmus Greve Falbe-Hansen Research Assistant +4535334380 E-mail
Sigrid Egevang Jensen Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Simon Erlendsson Assistant Professor +4535337150 E-mail
Stefano Stella Associate Professor +4535333188 E-mail
Tillmann Hanns Pape Microscopy specialist +4535326593 E-mail