Translational disease systems biology in the Brunak Group

The Brunak Group aims for understanding multi-morbidity disease progression patterns and their relation to treatment events. The group integrates heterogeneous life science data from the molecular and clinical domains and is also engaged in methodology of translational utility, such as techniques of relevance within precision medicine.

The Brunak Group has specific interest in genes and proteins, which play a role in several diseases, genes that may rationalize clinically observed patterns of multi-morbidity, or be of interest in relation to treatment strategies in the domain of chronic pathology.

























Group Leader

Søren Brunak
Research Director, Professor

Søren Brunak

Staff list

Name Title Phone E-mail
Alejandro Aguayo Orozco Assistant Professor +4535333981 E-mail
Alexander Pil Henriksen Research Assistant +4535335381 E-mail
Alexander Wolfgang Jung External, Ph.d Student   E-mail
Amalie Dahl Haue Postdoc +4535337415 E-mail
Andres Jimenez Kaufmann Research Assistant +4535324586 E-mail
Catherine Bjerre Collin Senior Consultant +4535326608 E-mail
Celia Burgos Sequeros Academic Research Staff +4535332041 E-mail
Christian Kim Eschen PhD Fellow +4535326091 E-mail
Christopher Møller IT Officer, FU   E-mail
Cristina Leal Rodriguez External +4535336106 E-mail
David Ellinghaus Associate Professor +4535328258 E-mail
David Westergaard Assistant Professor +4535332044 E-mail
Davide Placido PhD Fellow +4535333509 E-mail
Elena Papaleo Associate Professor +4535320697 E-mail
Esmaeil Nourani Postdoc +4535322205 E-mail
Eva Roitmann Research Consultant +4535327818 E-mail
Felix Pacheco Pastor Research Assistant   E-mail
Hannah Currant Postdoc +4535334326 E-mail
Ioannis Louloudis Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Isabella Friis Jørgensen Assistant Professor +4535333807 E-mail
Jens Waaben Master Student   E-mail
Jessica Xin Hjaltelin Assistant Professor +4535337734 E-mail
Jorge Hernansanz Biel Academic Staff +4535331592 E-mail
Jose Juan Almagro Armenteros External +4535320172 E-mail
Karina Banasik Associate Professor +4521179328 E-mail
Katharina Elisabeth Eberth Academic Officer +4535333061 E-mail
Kathrine Richter Academic Officer +4535323385 E-mail
Kenny Emil Aunstrup Research Assistant +4535325760 E-mail
Kristoffer Sølvsten Burgdorf Associate Professor   E-mail
Kumar Gaurav External Postdoc   E-mail
Laust Hvas Mortensen Guest Researcher +4535327737 E-mail
Lisa Cantwell Academic Research Staff +4535324047 E-mail
Maria Herrero-Zazo External Postdoc   E-mail
Mette L Assistant Professor +4535336499 E-mail
Nicolai Skovbjerg Arildsen External +4535330935 E-mail
Olivier Thierry Taboureau External +4535335819 E-mail
Oscar Petersen PhD Student   E-mail
Peter Bruun-Rasmussen External   E-mail
Peter Christoffer Holm PhD Fellow +4535324226 E-mail
Piotr Jaroslaw Chmura Research Programmer +4535337491 E-mail
Roc Reguant External +4560909362 E-mail
Rui Jorge Barrigana Ramos da Costa External Postdoc   E-mail
Sara Garcia Postdoc   E-mail
Sebastian Mattia Mears Werge PhD Fellow +4535336753 E-mail
Sedrah Butt Balaganeshan Research Assistant +4535324704 E-mail
Sif Ingibergsdóttir Novitski PhD Fellow +4535322026 E-mail
Siri Amalie Vulpius Academic Staff +4527120365 E-mail
Søren Brunak Head of Research +4535325026 E-mail
Thomas Folkmann Hansen Associate Professor +4535326988 E-mail
Timo Röder Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Tobias Svend-Aage Beyer-Pedersen Academic Research Staff +4535327468 E-mail
Troels Siggaard Research Programmer +4526472966 E-mail
Ulrik Plesner Jacobsen Academic Research Staff +4535332513 E-mail
Victorine Patricia Muse PhD Fellow +4535337019 E-mail
Xiaolei Zhang External Postdoc   E-mail
Zak Rehman Master Student +4593958123 E-mail