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Jiri Lukas

Jiri Lukas

Executive Director

Primary fields of research

Jiri Lukas studies protein pathways that orchestrate spatial and temporal dynamics of chromosomes during the mammalian cell cycle and after DNA damage, with an emphasis on how are these mechanisms subverted in cancer and other diseases associated with unstable genomes. His long-term interests include high-content microscopy screens for genome caretakers and real-time imaging of signaling and repair proteins.

Current research

Recent discoveries from Jiri’s lab include:
• Ubiquitin-driven signalling pathways that barcode chromatin near the DNA lesions to assemble repair and signaling proteins
• Heritability of chromosomal lesions generated on unreplicated DNA during mitosis
• The concept of rate imitation of nodal signaling components as a mechanism to confine repair reactions and posttranslational chromatin modifications to damaged loci in the genome

Most significant publications (as of July 2013):

Primary research publications

• Gudjonsson, T., Altmeyer, M., Savic, V., Toledo, L., Dinant, C., Grøfte, M., Bartkova, J., Poulsen, M., Oka, Y., Bekker-Jensen, S., Mailand, N., Neumann, B., Heriche, J.-K., Shearer, R., Saunders, D., Bartek, J, Lukas, J., Lukas, C. TRIP12 and UBR5 suppress spreading of chromatin ubiquitylation at damaged chromosomes. Cell 150, 697-709 (2012)
• Lukas, C., Savic, V., Beker-Jensen, S., Doil, C., Neumann, B., Pedersen, R. S., Grofte, M., Chan, K. L., Hickson, I. D., Bartek, J., and Lukas, J. 53BP1 nuclear bodies shield DNA lesions generated by mitotic transmission of underreplicated chromosomes. Nat. Cell Biol. 13, 243-253 (2011)
• Doil, C., Mailand, N., Bekker-Jensen, S., Menard, P., Larsen, D. H., Pepperkok, R., Ellenberg, J., Panier, S., Durocher, D., Bartek, J., Lukas, J., and Lukas, C. RNF168 binds and amplifies ubiquitin conjugates on damaged chromosomes to promote accumulation of repair proteins. Cell 136, 435-446 (2009)
• Mailand, N., Bekker-Jensen, S., Faustrup, H., Melander, F., Bartek, J., Lukas, C., and Lukas, J. The RNF8 ubiquitin ligase promotes assembly of repair proteins at the DNA damage-modified chromatin. Cell 131, 887-900 (2007)
• Bartkova, J., Horejsi, Z., Koed, K., Guldberg, P., Krämer, A., Sehested, M., Nesland, J., Lukas, C., Ørntoft, T., Lukas, J., and Bartek. J. DNA damage response as a candidate anti-cancer barrier in early human tumorigenesis. Nature 434, 864-870 (2005)
• Groth, A., Corpet, A., Cook, A., Roche, D., Bartek, J., Lukas, J., and Almouzni, G. Regulation of replication fork progression through histone supply/demand. Science 318, 1928-1931 (2007)
• Sartori, A. A., Lukas, C., Coates, J., Fu, S., Bartek, J., Baer, R., Lukas, J., and Jackson, S. P. CtIP cooperates with the MRE11 complex to promote DNA resection. Nature 450, 509-514 (2007)
• Lukas, C., Falck, J., Bartkova, J., Bartek, J., and Lukas, J. Distinct spatio-temporal dynamics of mammalian checkpoint regulators induced by DNA damage. Nat. Cell Biol. 5, 255-260 (2003)
• Falck, J., Mailand, N., Syljuåsen, R. G., Bartek, J. & Lukas, J. The Chk2-Cdc25A checkpoint pathway guards against radioresistant DNA synthesis. Nature 410, 842-847 (2001)
• Mailand, N., Falck, J., Lukas, C., Syljuåsen R., Welcker, M., Bartek, J., and Lukas, J. Rapid destruction of human Cdc25A in response to DNA damage. Science 288, 1425-1429 (2000)

Reviews and opinion articles

• Almteyer, M. and Lukas J. Guarding against collateral damage: How cells avoid unrestrained signalling during chromatin transactions. Cell 153, 1431-1434 (2013)
• Altmeyer M., and Lukas J. To spread or not to spread – chromatin modifications in response to DNA damage. Curr. Opin. Genet. Dev. 23, 156-165 (2013)
• Lukas, J., Lukas, C., and Bartek, J. More than just a focus: Chromatin response to DNA damage and its role in genome integrity maintenance. Nat. Cell Biol. 13, 1161-1169 (2011)
• Bartek J., and Lukas, J. DNA damage checkpoints: From initiation to recovery or adaptation. Curr. Opin. in Cell Biol. 19, 238-245 (2007)
• Bartek, J., Lukas, C., and Lukas, J. Checking on DNA damage in S phase. Nat. Rev. Mol. Cell Biol. 5, 792-805 (2004)


• Ad hoc lectures for undergraduate and graduate students focused on chromosome dynamics and molecular mechanisms that guard the integrity of human genomes
• Ph.D opponent in Denmark and Europe

Fields of interest

• Chromosomal dynamics and its aberrations in disease
• Molecular pathology of the DNA damage response
• High-content microscopy, real-time protein imaging

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