Semen quality and waiting time to pregnancy explored using association mining

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Background Assessment of semen quality is a key pillar in the evaluation of men from infertile couples. Usually, semen parameters are interpreted individually because the interactions between parameters are difficult to account for.

Objectives To determine how combinations of classical semen parameters and female partner age were associated with waiting time to pregnancy (TTP).

Materials and methods Semen results of 500 fertile men, information of TTP, and partner age were used for regressions and to detect breaking points. For a modified Association Rule Mining algorithm, semen parameters were categorized as High, Medium, and Low.

Results Men = 62%) and morphologically normal spermatozoa (>= 10.5%). Furthermore, TTP = 32 years). However, high percentages of motile or normal spermatozoa could not compensate for sperm concentration

Discussion and Conclusion Using association mining, we observed that TTP was best predicted when combinations of semen parameters were accounted for. Sperm counts, motility, and morphology were all important, and no single semen parameter was inferior. Additionally, female age above 32 years had a negative impact on TTP that could not be compensated for by high semen parameters of the man.

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Publication statusPublished - 2021

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  • age, association mining, semen quality, time to pregnancy, FERTILE

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