Human Proteome Variation — Rasmussen Group

The Rasmussen group focus on proteome and genome variation, coding variation and deep learning for integration of genomics, proteomics and clinical data.

The Rasmussen Group focus on computational analysis of human proteome variation. Currently proteome variation is primarily studied using genome and exome sequencing data, from which impact on protein structures and functionality can be investigated. The group aims at building infrastructure around human proteome variation as genome graph representations that will be used to store and analyse thousands to millions of human genomes.

























Group Leader

Simon Rasmussen
Associate Professor

Simon Rasmussen

Staff list

Name Title Phone E-mail
Arnór Ingi Sigurdsson PhD Fellow +4535327236 E-mail
Casper-Emil Tingskov Pedersen External Postdoc   E-mail
Henry Webel PhD Fellow +4535333863 E-mail
Joachim Johansen PhD Fellow +4535330871 E-mail
Katrine Højholt Iversen Postdoc +4535330929 E-mail
Kirstine Johanne Theresia Ravn Postdoc   E-mail
Knud Nor Nielsen External Postdoc +4535336544 E-mail
Leonardo Cobuccio PhD Fellow +4535334158 E-mail
Lili Niu Postdoc +4535331177 E-mail
Marie Louise Jespersen External   E-mail
Pau Piera Líndez Research Assistant   E-mail
Ricardo Hernandez Medina PhD Fellow +4535324711 E-mail
Roman Thielemann External, Ph.d Student +4535322292 E-mail
Simon Rasmussen Associate Professor +4535332159 E-mail
Xiaoyu Liu Master Student   E-mail