CPR Goes Green

’CPR Goes Green’ is the green task force of CPR consisting of PhDs, postdocs, research assistants, technicians, and academic coordinators. CPR Goes Green are trying to reduce the carbon footprint of CPR by implementing green initiatives related to waste, energy, water, lab reagents, consumables and daily habits.

CPR goes green logo

Initiatives implemented so far:

  • Plastic sorting in the labs
  • Organic milk, sugar and tea in the kitchens
  • Less paper cups and more glasses in the kitchens
  • Serological plast pipettes in bulk (not individually wrapped) available in the SUND webshop on our request
  • New and improved waste sorting system in the kitchens
  • Wall-mounted soap dispensers with less plastic packaging

Events and campaigns

CPR Goes Green also hosts events and campaigns to increase awareness and encourage green choices:

  • Nudging campaigns about milk waste in kitchens, use of paper towels in labs and bathrooms, two-sided printing
  • A ’Sustainable Christmas Workshop’ making decorations of old magazines and made beeswax wraps to substitute plastic packaging for food
  • An afternoon dedicated to swapping plants & seedlings in the name of ’sharing economy’
  • A ’Waste Seminar’ dealing with waste at the faculty
  • First Sustainable Research Symposium organized by CPR Goes Green 2021

For more information about CPR Goes Green, contact Schirin Mirsanaye