Sustainable Research Symposium 2021

Soon after starting ‘CPR goes green’ we sensed that there were a lot of people from other institutes willing to learn more about how they could make their labs more sustainable and how we organize our initiative. We wanted to give everyone interested in sustainability an occasion to learn more about this topic and network with other like-minded people and this is how the idea of organizing a symposium was born. Our goal was to bring a community of like-minded people together who all care and want to learn more about how their labs can go green.

The first ‘Sustainable Research Symposium’ organized by ‘CPR goes green’ in collaboration with Ava Sustain took place on the 11th May 2021. It was important to us, to organize a sustainable event with keynote speakers from all around the world, covering big topics such as certifications and the importance of green procurement combined with local speakers to demystify waste sorting and the green goals of the University of Copenhagen. Thanks to the event being fully online we could reach people across the globe and avoid any travel-related CO2 emissions. About 700 people from 37 countries participated in a day full of interesting talks and panel discussions. The feedback was overwhelming, reflecting the big community of green scientist who are in need of a louder voice and more support from public institutions.

We are happy to announce that there will be a follow-up event organized by Green Labs from the Netherlands. To find out more about the next symposium and also to hear more about ‘CPR goes green’ in general check out our social media channels!