Emil Peter Thrane Hertz

Emil Peter Thrane Hertz

Assistant Professor

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    1. 2022
    2. Published

      Chemogenetic profiling reveals PP2A-independent cytotoxicity of proposed PP2A activators iHAP1 and DT-061

      Vit, G., Duro, Joana Maria, Rajendraprasad, G., Hertz, Emil Peter Thrane, Holland, L. K. K., Weisser, Melanie, McEwan, B. C., Lopez-Mendez, B., Sotelo-Parrilla, P., Jeyaprakash, A. A., Montoya, Guillermo, Mailand, Niels, Maeda, K., Kettenbach, A., Barisic, Marin & Nilsson, Jakob, 2022, In: EMBO Journal. 41, 14, e110611.

      Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

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    ID: 49763624