Rebecca Kirsch

Rebecca Kirsch

Postdoc, Forsker

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    Publication year:
    1. 2022
    2. Published

      Cytoscape stringApp 2.0: Analysis and Visualization of Heterogeneous Biological Networks

      Doncheva, Nadezhda Tsankova, Morris, J. H., Holze, H., Kirsch, Rebecca, Nastou, Katerina, Cuesta-Astroz, Y., Rattei, T., Szklarczyk, D., Von Mering, C. & Jensen, Lars Juhl, 2022, In: Journal of Proteome Research. 22, 2, p. 637-646

      Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

    3. Published

      Exploration of Protein Posttranslational Modification Landscape and Cross Talk with CrossTalkMapper

      Grimaud, A., Haugaard Holck, F., Buur, L. M., Kirsch, Rebecca & Schwämmle, V., 2022, Computational Methods for Predicting Post-Translational Modification Sites. Humana Press, p. 261-273 (Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. 2499).

      Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingBook chapterResearchpeer-review

    ID: 117756097