Cellular network biology in the Jensen Group

The Jensen Group develops state-of-the-art tools for generation and analysis of molecular interaction networks from proteomics data and text mining. The tools are freely available to the scientific community.

The Jensen group works in three broad areas: network biology, text mining, and computational proteomics.

























Group Leader

Lars Juhl Jensen
Associate Professor

Lars Juhl Jensen

Staff list

Name Title Phone E-mail
Cas Blaauw Master Student   E-mail
Henrietta Holze Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Katerina Nastou Postdoc +4535334155 E-mail
Lars Juhl Jensen Professor, Group Leader +4535325025 E-mail
Marie Anne Locard Postdoc +4535334386 E-mail
Maud Kerstholt Research Assistant +4535324668 E-mail
Mikaela Koutrouli PhD Fellow +4553398923 E-mail
Nadezhda Tsankova Doncheva Assistant Professor +4535332204 E-mail
Oana Palasca Postdoc +4535334661 E-mail
Rebecca Kirsch Postdoc +4535334146 E-mail
Stefano Roncelli Research Assistant   E-mail
Xiqing Mao Master Student   E-mail
Ying Sun External, Ph.d Student   E-mail
Zelin Li Master Student   E-mail