12 March 2015

Choudhary Group publishes in Nature Biotechnology

In an advance online publication in Nature Biotechnology researchers from CPR, in collaboration with their national and international partners, have unraveled the specificities of lysine deacetylase inhibitors in human cells.

Lysine deacetylases (KDACs) are important regulatory enzymes that control many important biological functions. Inhibitors of KDACs are important research tools as well as attractive therapeutic candidates for treating various human diseases, such as cancer. However, the specificities and acetylation targets of KDAC inhibitors in human cells are poorly characterized. This this study, CPR researchers used quantitative mass spectrometry to uncover acetylation targets that are affected by KDAC inhibitors in human cells. Their research has discovered the possible mechanistic basis of the adverse effects of anti-inflammatory drug bufexamac, which was recently revoked in Europe due to its adverse effects.

The findings have been published in Nature Biotechnology 33, 415–423 (2015) doi:10.1038/nbt.3130

Title: Acetylation site specificities of lysine deacetylase inhibitors in human cells

Authors: Christian Schölz, Brian T Weinert, Sebastian A Wagner, Petra Beli, Yasuyuki Miyake, Jun Qi, Lars J Jensen, Werner Streicher, Anna R McCarthy, Nicholas J Westwood, Sonia Lain, Jürgen Cox, Patrick Matthias, Matthias Mann, James E Bradner & Chunaram Choudhary