Do your PhD or Postdoc at CPR

Kickstart your career at CPR

At CPR, we are proud to provide high-quality scientific training of new generations of young researchers. When you join CPR as a PhD fellow or Postdoc, you will benefit from support from highly qualified senior scientists and have access to advanced and state-of-the-art equipment and methods to conduct research at a top international level.

We aim to develop complete protein scientist with skills in a broad range of complementary protein technologies. Scientist that are capable of applying these skills to address fundamental challenges in academic research, the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, or the public healthcare sector.

Good learning environment

At CPR, you become part of a condensed scientific environment where all research groups and technology are gathered on four floors in one building. This gives you easy access to both people, sparring and technology. We are dedicated to ensuring a good learning environment, helping you learn new methods, discuss data and support you in becoming a more independent researcher along the way.

Influence and network

PhD students and Postdocs greatly influence CPR both socially and academically through the Student and Postdoc Association (SPA). Here, a dedicated group of PhD students and Postdocs is in close dialogue with management and organizes both social, academic and career developing events. SPA provides a forum for interaction across floors, research groups and scientific interests.

Trough the Research In Progress seminars PhD students and postdocs also regularly get a chance to present their ongoing research and get constructive criticism from other researchers at the center.

SPA is ready to welcome newcomers to CPR and make sure that you feel at home from day 1!

Become part of an international scientific environment

We are always searching for highly motivated and engaged candidates for PhDs or Postdocs. Here is how you can join us: