27 March 2019

Two visits by ScienceTalent Academy

Twice this year CPR welcomed the ScienceTalent Academy to experience the research taking place at CPR. At both visits, around 45 upper secondary school students with a keen interest in health and medical science came to CPR for a full day of activities. The participants are part of the ScienceTalent Academy aimed at nurturing scientifically gifted young Danish school students. This is the third time that CPR were asked to host a science day visit for the academy thus giving students from all over Denmark the chance to “become a scientist” for a day. 

After an introduction into CPR and the research carried out at CPR, the students were split into four groups. Each group rotated between four different experimental stations covering the four different research programs at CPR; Proteomics, Protein Signaling, Protein Structure and Function and Disease Systems Biology. At each of the stations, a team of excited and talented PhD students and postdocs demonstrated the specific techniques and helped the students to try some of it out.

About ScienceTalent Academy
The ScienceTalent Academy is a Danish initiative to enhance the opportunities for scientifically talented young students in Denmark, and is funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. The academy is a 2-year learning programme for scientifically gifted upper secondary school students from all over the country, and contains a course for teachers, six science camps, a stay abroad and a terminating project assignment. The programme is a collaboration between the upper secondary schools and leading research centres and universities within scientific research to inspire and excite young talents, and to encourage their continued interest in science.