23 September 2019

Professor Søren Brunak receives the Fernström Prize


Professor Søren Brunak from the Unviersity of Copenhagen is awarded the internationally recognized ‘Store Nordiska Pris’ of one million SEK from the Eric K. Fernström Foundation. It is one of the biggest Scandinavian prizes in health science research. Brunak receives the prize for his seminal, trailblazing work that combines Big Data, mathematical analysis and biomedical research.

Today, this year’s Fernströmpris was awarded to Professor Søren Brunak from Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research in recognition of his development of statistical methods, algorithms and machine learning, which analyse large amounts of biomedical data, including health data from patients, and convert it into new understandings of disease mechanisms in the human body.

Søren Brunak’s work has facilitated the study of millions of people’s health development and the mapping of how various diseases affect each other. This research generates enormous data sets and calculations in the super computer, Computerome.

“Being honoured in this way puts a smile on my face. It is visionary of the committee to recognize this relatively new field in the health sciences. It definitely motivates me to push the boundaries within bioinformatics, health data and personalized medicine, ”says Professor Søren Brunak.”

Store Nordiska Pris is awarded on November 6th at a ceremony in connection with Forskningens Dag in the Swedish town, Lund. Forskningens Dag is arranged by the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University, Region Skåne and the Eric K. Fernström Foundation. Store Nordiska Pris has been awarded to a Nordic researcher annually since 1979.

Previous recipients include Professor Jiri Lukas, Professor Jens Juul Holst and Professor Maiken Nedergaard from the University of Copenhagen.

Read the entire article from Lund University here (in English): https://www.lunduniversity.lu.se/article/prestigious-prize-goes-to-pioneer-of-bioinformatics

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