30 September 2019

Mann Group receives Chan Zuckerberg Initiative grant for new project to support the Human Cell Atlas

In June, the CZI launched its Seed Networks in which they funded 38 different collaborative research teams with a total of USD 68 million. One of these networks consists of the Mann Group (CPR, University of Copenhagen), the Horvath Group (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary) and the Lundberg Group (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden).

 “Our goal is to classify cell subsets of highly coherent morphology in the human liver. We can excise single cells from tissue using novel AI-guided algorithms for cell segmentation. This allows deep proteomic characterization of very few cells per class using novel workflows for ultra-sensitive mass spectrometry” says associate professor Andreas Mund from the Mann Group at CPR and continues to explain: These molecular proteomics data will be integrated with spatial image data using machine learning, which can uncover functional connections in an unbiased and systems-wide manner. We will apply this novel and powerful workflow to generate a spatially-resolved, multi-omics, cellular understanding of the human liver and thereby contribute to the Human Cell Atlas.”

Human Cell Atlas

The Human Cell Atlas aims to create a comprehensive and common reference map of all human cells. Cells are the fundamental unit of our body and this mapping can be used as a basis for the understanding of human health, including how to better diagnose, monitor and treat diseases. With over 200 different grantees, such as physicians, experimental scientists, and computational scientists from the CZI Seed Networks for the Human Cell Atlas, they will inevitably contribute with important data to make the first draft of the Human Cell Atlas.

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