17 May 2016

Large grant to establish mass spectrometry research infrastructure for functional proteomics

PRO-MS: Danish National Mass Spectrometry Platform for Functional Proteomics

The Danish Roadmap for Research Infrastructures 2015 presents the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science's vision and strategic objectives for the research infrastructures area in the coming five years.

The proteomics program at CPR is part of the PRO-MS consortium that will be supported by 40.1 million DKK from this initiative to establish a national research infrastructure on mass spectrometry for functional protein research and proteomics.

The PRO-MS research infrastructure will strengthen the basis for technology development in the biotech, pharmaceutical and food sectors. It is a coordinated and integrated collaboration between Danish proteomics and mass spectrometry laboratories located at University of Southern Denmark, University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, Aalborg University and Technical University of Denmark. The PRO-MS steering committee will consist of Ole N. Jensen (SDU), Jesper V. Olsen (KU), Emøke Bendixen (AU), Allan Stensballe (AAU), Per Hägglund (DTU) and an industry representative.

All of the partner laboratories will be upgraded with new tandem mass spectrometers and associated chromatography systems and software.

See news item at the webpage of the Ministry for Higher Education and Science (in Danish)