2 November 2016

62 enthusiastic science talents visited CPR

On October 31, 2016 62 gifted Danish secondary school students visited Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research (CPR) at the University of Copenhagen. The students were invited as they are part of the so-called Science Talent Academy created by the organization ‘Science Talents’ based in Sorø south of Copenhagen.

At CPR, a team of enthusiastic and creative PhD students and postdocs created a whole day of “Protein Camp” for the students where they were introduced to various scientific activities and workshops. The Students were on a guided tour around CPR to see the facilities and to experience real science at five “experimental stations” designed by young CPR researchers.

The “experimental stations” gave the students exclusive insights into various laboratory methods that are used by the protein researchers at CPR:

  • protein purification and crystallization
  • protein signaling
  • mass spectrometry
  • mouse model
  • disease systems biology

At the experimental stations, students saw demonstrations of the various laboratory methods and also got a unique chance to try the methods themselves.

The students seemed to enjoy the day and rated it very high. They found it to be very interesting and informative and stated that they had learned a lot from their day at CPR.

“- It was truly an amazing and unique possibility to experience what a future in protein research might bring.  Incredibly inspiring to experience the passion of the people working at CPR.”- Louise Guldberg Rost

“It was very exciting to get the opportunity to go to a real research center. I especially enjoyed the parts about bioinformatics and protein purification & crystallization. It was also nice to see the researchers expressing an enthusiasm which was nothing short of a passion when talking about their area of expertise.” - Hannah C. F. Pilgaard, H.C. Ørsted’s Gymnasium Lyngby