25 February 2015

New association established at CPR - Student and Postdoc Association (SPA)


SPA has been established at Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research at the University of Copenhagen to:

  • increase the scientific discourse and training among its members
  • increase the transparency of the research conducted at CPR
  • and to promote inter-/multidisciplinary research incorporating expertise from the research programs: protein signaling, protein structure analysis, state-of-the-art mass spectrometry and bioinformatics

Two representatives from each of CPR's 3 floors manage SPA activities and represent the association at the CPR group leader meetings to give students and postdocs a voice with center management.

Improving the scientific discourse

SPA collaborates closely with the CPR group leaders to improve the format of the CPR In Progress (CPR-IP) meetings. At these meetings students and postdocs present their ongoing research with the purpose of gaining constructive criticism from other researchers at the center.

Career planning and networking

SPA works actively to organize career planning events, to inform students and postdocs of career possibilities also outside the university and hopes to increase the interaction with similar student and postdoc associations from other UCPH research centers to strengthen scientific networking to benefit from each other’s organized career and scientific events.