05 February 2016

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Advanced Methods of the Analysis of Protein Disease Mechanisms

Are you a medical, dentistry, veterinary, pharmacist and basic science graduate and are you interested in protein research with specific focus on:

  • mass spectrometry based methods for quantitative analysis of proteins 
  • light microscopy-based analysis of protein signaling
  • gene editing
  • the use of immunological and genetic methods for analyzing protein-DNA interactions

This MSc level course will give you excellent training and valuable insights into the field of protein research and the technologies behind.

Important dates

  • Application date: 1 April 2016
  • Payment due: May 2016
  • E-learning module: 15 - 19 August 2016
  • On-campus module: 22 August - 1 September 2016 
  • Examination: 2-6 September 2016

Please note: Deadline for registration 1 April 2016