13 December 2010

Professor Lars Juhl Jensen awarded The Lundbeck Foundation’s Research Prize for Young Scientists

On 25 January 2011, Professor Lars Juhl Jensen, Group Leader of the Department of Disease Systems Biology, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research (CPR), is awarded The Lundbeck Foundation's Research Prize for Young Scientists.

The 300.000 DKK award is a personal recognition granted a scientist under 40 years old. The recipient is selected amongst candidates proposed by professors and associate professors at Danish health and science research institutions. Lars Juhl Jensen is recommended by Professor, dr.phil. Søren Brunak, Technical University of Denmark.

The 35 years old Lars Juhl Jensen is awarded the prize for his outstanding contribution to the understanding of complex biological systems, such as cell cycle, through computer analysis of comprehensive data sets (systems biology). Lars Juhl Jensen's efforts have led to the discovery of principles behind the regulation of the cell's 'molecular machines' (protein complexes) as well as the development of several analysis tools applied by thousands of researchers throughout the world. Besides, Lars Juhl Jensen has contributed to the development of research processes including the use of a variety of internet services to secure quick dissemination of research results. His research has been published in leading scientific journals, and his efforts have had considerable international impact.

In 2009, the Lundbeck Foundation's Research Prize for Young Scientists was assigned to Professor Niels Mailand, leader of the Ubiquitin Signaling Group, Department of Disease Biology, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research.

For further information, please contact professor, dr.phil. Søren Brunak, Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, Technical University of Denmark, Tel.: +45 45 25 24 77 or e-mail:  brunak@cbs.dtu.dk