15 December 2009

Prof Niels Mailand receives The Lundbeck Foundation's Award for Younger Scientists 2009

Prof Niels Mailand, Group Leader of The Department of Disease Biology, CPR, received The Lundbeck Foundation's Award for Younger Scientists on 8 December 2009.

The 300.000 DKK award is a personal prize of honour, given to researchers below 40 years of age. The prize winner is selected amongst candidates nominated by professors and lecturers at Danish research institutes. Niels Mailand was recommended by Prof, Vet. MD Jiri Lukas, The Danish Cancer Society.

Niels Mailand, 36, is awarded for his outstanding contribution to better understanding the DNA damage response, a cellular surveillance system protecting against mutations and severe damage to genes, and one of the cell's primary safeguards against various life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

Having led to the discovery of a series of new components in the DNA damage response and a deeper insight in the underlying molecular mechanisms, Niels Mailand's research has had a substantial impact internationally.