5 September 2011

Michael Sundström steps down from his position as Managing Director of CPR

Michael Sundström has unfortunately decided to leave his position as Managing Director at Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research at the University of Copenhagen, to assume the position as Vice President, Discovery Research at Karolinska Development in Stockholm from October 1st 2011. In addition to being able to work more in depth with translational research activities, it also allows him to be closer to his family in Stockholm. Michael has been working with the Center from the very early planning stage to the close to fully operational organization it is today, with high-end infrastructure and resources, as well as an excellent team of scientists and support staff.

I have been working with this exciting project now since four and a half years, and the Center is excellently positioned as a world-leading organization within the area of protein research. Although I look much forward to my new challenges, I will certainly miss the Center and its tremendous resources, its staff, friends and collaborators - says Michael Sundström

During this coming period, the Dean has asked Jesper Olsen, Group Leader in the Department of Proteomics, to act in the role as the interim Managing Director for the Center, which he has accepted. Jesper was one of the first researchers hired at CPR and therefore he has considerable insights into the Center's daily operations. Jesper, who is a world leading scientist in the area of phosphoproteomics, will together with Research Directors Søren Brunak and Matthias Mann, form the new management team of the center. Michael Sundström and Jesper Olsen have already started to work regularly and in detail to ensure a smooth transition period, and to set the stage for the continued success for the Center for Protein Research.

CPR would like to thank Michael Sundström for his extraordinary job in leading the Center from start-up to operations.