08 February 2013

The Genomic History of Denmark

CPR is part of the Cross-Faculty Project Grant entitled ‘The Genomic History of Denmark’ that received 36 million DKK from Univ. of Copenhagen's dedicated 2016-Program. Professor Eske Willerslev from Center for GeoGenetics at Natural History Museum is the principle investigator and coordinator of the grant, in which we will analyze DNA and proteins extracted from a Danish collection of archaeological skeletons from the Older Stone Age (5000-3000 BC) to learn more about the Danish cultural heritage and health history. The Groups of Lars Juhl Jensen and Jesper V. Olsen at the Center for Protein Research are both part of the project and they will in particular focus on protein sequencing by mass spectrometry and the integrated analysis of the complex data types generated. The project will make Denmark the first country in the world to map its evolutionary, demographic and health history - from the earliest settlers through to modern times using cutting-edge molecular technologies.

Read more about the project here: https://geogenetics.ku.dk/latest-news/genetic-history/