06 June 2014

CPR Master Student Laura Maarit Pikkupeura receives the Lundbeck Foundation International Masters Scholarship

Laura Maarit Pikkupeura from the Daniel Lab has been enrolled in the University of Copenhagen’s International Graduate Talent Program which is supported financially by the Lundbeck Foundation International Masters Scholarship.




The Program
The Lundbeck Foundation International Masters provides 2-4 scholarships to highly talented international applicants for combined Masters/PhD program where students are enrolled already when they are finalizing their MSc studies and as they continue as PhD students.

The financial support from the Lundbeck Foundation is given for a total of three years and covers tuition and living expenses/salary for two years of study at the MSc level and the first year of study at the PhD level. The funding for the remaining two years must be secured at the departmental/center  level by the student’s supervisor.