13 March 2015

Chuna Choudhary awarded ERC Consolidator Grant

Chuna ChoudharyChuna Choudhary, professor and group leader at CPR, has been awarded ERC Consolidator grant of €2 million (15 million DKR) for a 5-year period

Professor Chuna Choudhary from Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research is one of 372 mid-career top researchers who were awarded this grant.

‘This is a very gratifying reward for our Proteomics and Cell Signaling Group. The award is an international recognition of the team´s achievements, and will provide long-term resources for developing and applying quantitative proteomic strategies for decoding the regulatory code of ubiquitin signaling’, adds Chuna Choudhary.

Executive director at Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, Jiri Lukas:

‘I would like to congratulate Chuna with this fantastic, and at the same time much deserved achievement. Ever since I came to CPR, I have been regarding Chuna as one of the leading scientists of his generation and the ERC grant is a fantastic boost for him to realise all his dreams and ambitions. I would also like to point out that attracting such competitive international funding is absolutely vital to keep our Center firmly on the scientific map of the world’.