11 November 2015

Associate Professor Simon Bekker-Jensen receives large Lundbeck Foundation grant

Associate Professor Simon Bekker-Jensen from University of Copenhagen receives one of the Lundbeck Foundation Fellowships of DKK 10 million.

Just as the cliffs on our coastlines are eroded by wind, weather and sea, the cells of all organisms are worn down by the processes of life. They age.

"The primary cause of aging is the daily strain on the cell; so-called cellular stress. I’ll be studying in detail how the cell reacts to this stress and repairs itself," explains Associate Professor Simon Bekker-Jensen from Center for Healthy Aging and Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research.  

He has just received a Lundbeck Foundation Fellowship. His appointment as a Lundbeck Foundation Fellow is accompanied by DKK 10 million, and over the next five years he will have great new opportunities to research the way in which our cells combat the slow erosion to which they are exposed throughout a lifetime.

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