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Research Director, Protein Structure and Function Program
Guillermo Montoya, Professor

The main objective of the Protein Structure & Function Programme is to expand the mechanistic understanding of key cellular process in cell cycle progression and genome integrity. Macromolecules underlie all biological processes and play either dynamic roles in catalysis or signalling or static roles in scaffolding or information storage. Nearly every major process in a cell is carried out by assemblies of 10 or more protein molecules. The assemblies of these macromolecules, the molecular machines of the cell, and their timely interactions, perform the majority of cellular tasks. Malfunction of protein pathways that orchestrate cell proliferation and guard the integrity of the genome are involved in the development of many diseases.

Our research area lies at the interface of physics, chemistry, and biology, thus we combine biochemical, biophysical, structural, cellular and computational approaches. The Program consists of research director, Guillermo Montoya, and his research group, and the Protein Production and Characterization Platform made up of the following three teams: