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Research, Director, 
Professor Søren Brunak


The era of personalised genomics and proteomics currently overwhelms the biological and medical research areas with computer accessible data. If properly mined, this data can reveal knowledge on human health, disease mechanisms, novel pharmaceutical targets and in the case of basic biology, systems level information. In the Disease Systems Biology program, we analyse a wide range of data related to biology and medicine. In particular we create data integration techniques that in terms of scope go beyond conventional combinations of data and that connect more levels of disparate data types. At present, it is quite common to combine data on genetic variation linked to specific indication areas, with molecular level systems biology analyses of the genes and proteins found to be associated with a particular phenotype. It is also common to combine statistical, epidemiological approaches applied to information in public registries and biobanks. In some cases systems analyses of genes that link to the statistical trends are then discovered. We go beyond this situation and perform, for example, integrative text mining analysis of large corpora of Danish electronic patient records from exactly the same individuals as we have molecular level information for – and in this manner approach the problem of patient stratification from widely different angles.