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Brunak Group (Translational Disease Systems Biology Group)

Group Leader: Prof. Søren Brunak, Research Director

In the Brunak group we combine molecular level systems biology data with the analysis of phenotypic data from the healthcare sector. In the context of gene and protein network biology we take advantage of clinical data such as electronic patient records, registry information and biobank questionnaires.

We aim at discriminating between treatment related disease correlations and other comorbidities and stratify patients not only from their genotype, but also phenotypically based on the clinical descriptions in their medical records.

The group has specific interest in genes and proteins which play a role in several diseases, genes that may rationalize clinically observed patterns of multi-morbidity, or be of interest in relation to treatment strategies in the domain of chronic pathology.

We have a strong focus on human genome and proteome variation and personalized medicine, in particular the ranking of treatment options and the reduction of patient-specific adverse drug reactions. Data integration and machine learning methods development in the big biomedical data domain is a major theme, as is the design of supercomputing infrastructure and private cloud solutions needed for person-sensitive data integrity.

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From left, standing: Jose Maria (Txema) Gonzalez-Izazugaza, Agnieszka Juncker, Peter Løngreen, Troels Siggaard, Niels Erik Olesen, Pope Moseley, Robert Eriksson, Søren Brunak, Alejandro Aguayo, Mette Beck, Lasse Folkersen, Nanna Birch Andersen, Mette Krogh-Pedersen, Jose Alejandro Herrera Romero, Karina Banasik, Isabella Friis Jørgensen, Christian Simon, Federico de Masi, Caroline Brorsson, Cecilia Engel Thomas, Anders Boeck Jensen, Francesco Russo.
From left, sitting: David Westergaard, Jessica Xin Hu, Freja Hemmingsen Sørup, Kirstine Belling, Annelaura Bach Nielsen