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Nielsen Group (Proteomics Technology Development & Application)

First row from left: Group leader and professor Michael L. Nielsen, Ivo Hendriks, Sara Charlotte Larsen. Second row from the left: Camilla S. Colding-Christensen, Molly Pleasants Lowndes, Meeli Mulari, Clifford Young and Simone Schopper. See full list: Nielsen group staff

Research Focus:

The research focus of the Nielsen group / Proteomics Technology Development & Application is developing new proteomic technologies and implementing these in relevant biological areas. While the goals of proteomics are long-standing, the technology to address them is very challenging and is still in development. Since post-translational modifications (PTMs) predominantly are present in substoichiometric amounts within the cell compared to their non‐modified counterparts, it is advantageous to perform an up‐front enrichment of modified peptides prior to MS analysis. The most successful strategies for achieving this enrichment have been the use of affinity‐ or antibody‐based methods. Although these quantitative proteomics approaches have been very successful in identifying thousands of regulatory PTMs in a single experiment, they are highly biased towards detection of specific modification. In order to achieve a thorough understanding of cellular signaling, identification of all components in the entire signaling network is required, including all proteins and PTMs. And little attention has been paid towards the presence of other modifications regulating intracellular signaling.

Mass Spectrometry technology

The Nielsen group is heavily involved in Mass Spectrometry technology development using state-of-the-art, high resolution mass spectrometry, with a strong interest in developing quantitative proteomics methods for unbiased analysis of novel and unexpected PTMs and mutations. The technology and platforms developed in the group will allow for an unprecedented analysis of all constituents in any cell signaling network, and we work in close collaboration with other departmental groups at CPR as well as with national and international collaborators.

Recent publications from the Nielsen Group

Learn more about the research conducted in the Nielsen group by looking through our scientific articles published in high ranking scientific journals

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