Camilla S.Colding-Christensen

Camilla S.Colding-Christensen

Assistant Professor, Forsker, Ekstern forsker

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    I am generally of an inquisitive nature. I enjoy the process from idea to result and I work methodically and systematically to achieve this. It is important to me to be part of a dynamic and innovative collaboration with my colleagues as well as to be able to work independently with my own ideas and see my work evolve. I am a sympathetic nerd with great enthusiasm and a wish to evolve and improve my skills.

    Current research

    Since February 2017, I have been a postdoc in the Nielsen group at CPR. The group focuses on developing novel proteomics methods & technologies for detailing cellular outcomes in a systems-level approach, with the aim to improve current understanding of cellular phenotypes and diseases. To this end, we employ cutting-edge mass spectrometry (MS)-based technologies and the Nielsen group has developed several novel proteomics methodologies for identification and quantification of various post-translational modifications (PTMs). 

    My project revolves around ubiquitin and ubiquitylation. Ubiquitin is a small protein that, when attached to a target protein, alters the function or fate of this target. Because ubiquitin can be attached both as single units and as chains of different topologies, the resulting signal is highly complex. Indeed, ubiquitin signalling is involved in most cellular functions and is aberrant in various diseases including neurodegeneration and cancer. The aim of this project is to develop a novel method that uniquely will decipher the incredible complexity of ubiquitin signalling.

    Primary fields of research

    Proteomics, Molecular and Cellular Biology

    Fields of interest

    Genome stability

    Cell cycle regulation

    DNA repair

    DNA stress and damage responses

    Checkpoint signalling


    Molecular Genetics (Laboratory instructor)

    Almen Molekylær Biologi (Laboratory instructor)

    Possible conflicts of interest


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