Meeting: Signal Regulation by Protein Phosphatases – mechanisms and pathways

On 6-10th of August 2023 we will gather 175 researchers in Copenhagen to focus on recent developments in understanding signaling by phosphorylation with an emphasis on  protein phosphatases. The meeting will cover system-wide approaches and technologies to understand phosphorylation-dependent signaling as well as focused sessions on protein phosphatases in health and disease. You will hear about exciting research from leaders in the field and have plenty of opportunity to network and you will visit Copenhagen during the best time of the year.

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About the meeting 

Regulation of signaling by dynamic phosphorylation is a fundamental regulatory mechanism in eukaryotes. Dynamic signaling is obtained by tightly controlled activities of protein kinases and phosphatases. This meeting focuses on recent developments in understanding protein phosphatases in signaling and disease and therapeutic approaches to modulate phosphatases. The meeting will span system-wide approaches to dissect complex signaling, crosstalk between kinases, signaling molecules and phosphatases. These topics will be complemented with focused sessions on tyrosine phosphatases and ser/thr phosphatases covering mechanisms, deregulation in disease and structural insights. The objective is to give participants insight into the latest developments and provide them with a broad understanding of different aspects of signaling and protein phosphatases.

 The meeting will bring together excellent scientists focusing on signaling by phosphorylation and its regulation by protein phosphatase. Recent exiting research will be presented through talks and poster sessions and different networking activities will facilitate open scientific discussions for advancing science in the field. Furthermore, PhDs and postdocs will have multiple opportunities to present their work and interact with senior scientists through dedicated sessions. This ensures they get feedback on their work and advice on future career possibilities.

Preliminary program

Confirmed speakers

The venue

The meeting will take place at hotel and event center Scandic Falkoner ( The hotel provides hotel rooms for all meeting participants. Breakfast, lunch and dinners will be at the hotel’s restaurant. Scandic Falkoner is uniquely located in the traditional and attractive Frederiksberg theatre district in Copenhagen. The venue is easy to reach by Metro in under 30 minutes from the airport (M2 from Lufthavnen to Frederiksberg).


The meeting is organised by Jakob Nilsson, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, University of Copenhagen and Maja Köhn, BIOSS and Institute of Biology III, University of Freiburg. 


Registration will open during fall 2022, sign up for updates and to be notified when the registration opens.