Copenhagen Bioscience Conference 2021: Protein Signaling – from mechanism to cellular function

Protein Signaling

Cellular function and fitness are governed by the ability to respond to internal and external cues. Protein signaling is critically to control gene expression, genome integrity and cell fate decision. This is afforded by a wealth of posttranslational modifications, which expands the functional diversity of the proteome and the macromolecular machines of our cells. Most therapeutic drugs are directed against proteins, or are proteins themselves, and protein-related technologies promise to revolutionize our understanding of the complex wiring of biological systems. This meeting will bring together world-leading researchers across key areas in biology with a focus on protein-driven mechanisms that are relevant to cell function in development and disease. The meeting will have a strong emphasis on the emerging single cell and single-molecule technologies as well as on the advances in chromatin architecture, proteomics, network biology, systems biology and structural biology. Finally, an important focus will be bridging fundamental discoveries to clinical relevant applications.


  • Protein design, structure and function
  • Protein signaling and genome maintenance
  • Single cell and single molecule biology
  • Proteomics
  • Nuclear architechture and chromatin organization
  • Disease systems biology

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