Genome Maintenance & Diseases PhD course

Genome Maintenance & Diseases PhD course

The course is provided by MoMeD graduate programme with course directors from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research (CPR) (Julien Duxin and Niels Mailand) and the Biotech and Research Innovation Centre (BRIC) (Claus Storgaard Sørensen)

1. Understand and describe the main pathways of genome maintenance and their molecular links to cancer and other human diseases
2. Understand the benefits and limitations of different model systems and technologies to study genome maintenance processes
3. Analyze experimental data and communicate scientific hypothesis and results
4. Gain a broad perspective of how basic research can be translated into the clinic

1. Introduction to genome maintenance pathways and diseases

2. Mechanisms and experimental methods: 
DNA replication & DNA-crosslink repair
Replication stress, checkpoint signaling and imaging technologies
DNA damage response, protein signaling, and screening technologies
Chromosome Maintenance and Cell cycle progression

3.Physiology and model organisms:
Modeling genome maintenance diseases in mice
Genome instability in germline cells

4.From basic research to the clinic:
Drug design, validation and approval
Novel technologies in disease diagnosis
Disease treatment

Course directors
Claus Storgaaard Sørensen, Associate Professor, BRIC, University of Copenhagen,

Niels Mailand, Professor, CPR , University of Copenhagen,

Julien Duxin, Associate Professor, CPR, University of Copenhagen,

Please register before October 1st, 2019