CPR Seminar Series: Sophie Polo

Research seminar by Dr. Sophie Polo, Paris Diderot University

Title: Epigenome maintenance in response to DNA damage

Sophie Polo graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris in 2002. She received her PhD in 2006 working with Geneviève Almouzni at the Curie Institute in Paris on the role of chromatin assembly factors in cell proliferation and genome stability. She then joined Steve Jackson’s laboratory at the Gurdon Institute in Cambridge UK for her postdoctoral studies. There, she developed an interest in the response to DNA breaks and characterized the function of chromatin remodelers in this context. Back in France, she obtained a permanent staff scientist position with Inserm in 2011, and she was awarded the Olga Sain prize from la Ligue contre le Cancer in the same year. Sophie established her own group at the Epigenetics and Cell Fate Centre in 2013 at Paris Diderot University, with the support of the ANR young investigator program followed by a Starting Grant from the European Research Council. Sophie was selected EMBO young Investigator in 2017. Research in her group aims at dissecting epigenome maintenance mechanisms in mammalian cells challenged by genotoxic stress.

11:00 in Faculty Club, Building 16.6.16

Host: Niels Mailand