CPR Seminar Series: Martin Cohn

Title: Regulation of the Fanconi Anemia DNA repair pathway in humans

Dr Martin Cohn obtained his Ph.D. at the University of Copenhagen/Danish Cancer Society. He then did postdoctoral training at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/ Harvard Medical School. Following this, Cohn took up a position as a Group Leader in the Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford. Cohn has held a University Research Fellowship from the Royal Society and has recently been awarded a Senior Research Fellowship from the Wellcome Trust. Cohn's research group are working towards understanding how DNA damage in the human genome is detected and repaired. In particular, they are aiming at understanding the molecular mechanisms underpinning the Fanconi Anemia DNA repair pathway.

11:00 in Faculty Club, Building 16.6.16

Host: Claudia Lukas