2nd ENABLE conference: The Promise of Future Medicine - from Research to Therapy – University of Copenhagen

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2nd ENABLE conference: The Promise of Future Medicine - from Research to Therapy

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The 2nd ENABLE symposium, "The Promise of Future Medicine: From Research to Therapy" aims to promoting crosstalk between biomedical disciplines, collaboration with industry, and engagement with society. The symposium is organized by and for young researchers.

The second ENABLE conference "The promise of Future Medicine: From Research to Therapy" will take place in the Mærsk Tower in Copenhagen from the 7th to the 9th November 2018.

ENABLE is a European symposium organized by, and for, PhD students and Postdocs. This initiative seeks to promote excellence in the biomedical sciences in Europe by supporting young researchers, strengthening scientific careers, and bringing biomedicine closer to society. To achieve this, ENABLE is organized in three main pillars: 

  • Scientific symposium: Two full days on which young scientists from all over Europe will learn about different biomedical fields and cutting edge techniques through talks, and informal chats with renowned scientists.
  • Career day: A full day on which participants will be able to attend different workshops, chats with professionals, and learn about career opportunities at the “opportunity fair”, in which companies from the publishing world to the biotechnological and pharmaceutical sectors will be present.

  • Outreach activities: To allow participants to explain biomedicine among citizens and bring science closer to society.

The ENABLE conference is about opening academia from within to promote a new research culture through a real exchange between young scientists, renowned researchers, industry professionals and citizens. Moreover, unlike other conferences, PhD students and postdoctoral fellows are in charge of the event as a way of empowering them in choosing their future.

This initiative has been co-funded by the European Commission led by four research institutes (IRB Barcelona, RIMLS, CPR, SEMM) and a science communication agency (Scienseed).

Registration is now open. Early bird discounts are available until August 15. 

For more information, visit the ENABLE website or follow on Facebook and Twitter.

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