There are four types of guests that can be granted access to CPR:

  1. Affiliates are Affiliated Members, i.e. group members who are formally included in a CPR group, but not employed at CPR. An Affiliated member is included in CPR staff. A Letter of Affiliation can be issued to an affiliated member. Associate Members are Affiliated Members with at Letter of Affiliation.
  2. Collaboration partners are formal collaboration partners who are not considered at part of a CPR group, and hence not included in CPR staff.
  3. Former employees are employees who has left CPR, i.e. not employed any more, and who has made an agreement of still having access to email, drive or the like for a certain period after the termination of employment.
  4. Visitors cover any other guest who is not included in the above mentioned entities.

Online forms for CPR Guests

You can find the link to CPR guest registration form here. You need to fill this out in order to get access to CPR

You can find the link to CPR exit form here. Fill this out before ending your employment at CPR.