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Protein Structure & Function Program


Research Director, Protein Structure and Function Program
Guillermo Montoya, Professor

Alison Catherine LilleyLaboratory technician +45 353-30649E-mail
Andrea Lages Lino ValaAcademic coordinator +45 353-30650E-mail
Bhargav Saligram PrabhakarPostdoc +45 353-31316E-mail
Blanca Lopez MendezAcademic coordinator +45 353-31223E-mail
Carla DonadoniLaboratory technician  E-mail
Danyang WangPhD student +45 353-35757E-mail
Diana Zina KowalikPhD student +45 28 77 86 20E-mail
Elisabeth Bragado NilssonResearch technician +45 353-30659E-mail
Giuseppe CazzamaliAcademic coordinator +45 353-25030E-mail
Guillermo MontoyaResearch director, professor +45 353-30663E-mail
Gulnahar MortuzaAssociate professor +45 353-37601E-mail
Havva KocLaboratory technician +45 353-25012E-mail
Irina PozdnyakovaResearch technician +45 353-25032E-mail
Kamila KamudaLaboratory technician  E-mail
Khalid PardesLaboratory technician +45 353-30644E-mail
Li Peng LundgrenResearch technician +45 353-37511E-mail
Matteo BellucciLaboratory technician +45 353-37843E-mail
Michael WilliamsonLaboratory technician +45 353-30642E-mail
Motiejus MelynisLaboratory technician +45 353-37992E-mail
Nicholas Egholm SofosPostdoc +45 353-25343E-mail
Nika JachowiczLaboratory assistant +45 353-33497E-mail
Pablo Alcón HernándezPhD student +45 353-32324E-mail
Pablo MesaAssociate professor +45 353-33636E-mail
Stefano StellaAssociate professor +45 353-33188E-mail