Meet PhD Student Laura Maarit Pikkupeura – University of Copenhagen

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Meet Master Student (now Phd Student) Laura Maarit Pikkupeura

Laura Maarit Pikkupeura joined the Daniel group (Chromatin Structure & Function) at CPR as a master student in 2013. In 2014 she was enrolled in the University of Copenhagen’s International Graduate Talent Program which is supported financially by the Lundbeck Foundation International Masters Scholarship.

Why CPR?
Back in 2013 Laura decided to move from Uppsala to the University of Copenhagen to join the Molecular Biomedicine master program and a lecture given by Jeremy A. Daniel (group leader in the Daniel group at CPR)  in her immunology course drew her attention towards his research and CPR. ‘I was hoping to work with DNA damage and  epigenetics, so his research group seemed like a perfect match for me.’

After this initial introduction to CPR, Laura did some background research on the Center and was attracted by its multidisciplinary profile and the combination of basic and applied research. Now, having worked at CPR for the past almost 2 years, she has experienced the CPR scientific environment and spirit for herself.

‘CPR provides advanced equipment, a wide range of expertise and an opportunity to establish collaborations with researchers from multidisciplinary backgrounds. I enjoy the young, enthusiastic and international atmosphere. Furthermore, I expect to gain methodological proficiency in a wide range of technologies and advanced knowledge in chromatin biology. I also look forward to establishing collaborations vital for my future career’, she concludes.