Biophysics Team – University of Copenhagen

Biophysics Facility

The Biophysics Facility is headed by Blanca Lopez Mendez.

The Biophysics Facility houses instrumentation for the quantitative characterization of the behavior of biological molecules. The biophysical techniques available at the Facility provide information about the conformation, stability, aggregation status of the proteins and other biomolecules, and about the thermodynamics and/or the kinetics of macromolecular interactions, in particular of proteins with other proteins, or with nucleic acids, or with small molecules. Additionally, we are in charge of a micrOTOF-QII mass spectrometer. 

We are in charge of the maintenance of the instruments, the quality controls of protein samples from the Protein Expression Facility and provide user support and guidance with the potential applications of the equipment in the Facility. We can perform experiments for users or schedule training sessions with them to operate the instruments for the collection of high-quality data.

Recent selected publications

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